7 Top Myths about Brunettes


Blondes have more fun and brunettes are smarter? Does anyone really still believe these myths? Who knows, but there are things out there that perpetuate the lies about brunettes. These can harm the way you look at yourself and that is really what you need to correct. How you view yourself is the key to how others see you. Put these myths aside and get on your own personal “A” game!

Myths about Brunettes
Myths about Brunettes

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1. More Responsible at Work

The idea that aPost to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" color makes you a better worker is ridiculous. You are a good worker because you try hard and you care about what you do. No matter what your hair color you will be the worker you strive to be. You can sell yourself that way to your peers and to your boss.

2. More Approachable

It is not your hair color that makes you approachable but your attitude. Your body position, your friendly smile and your willingness to make eye contact make you approachable. It can mean the difference between meeting the cute guy at the end of the bar or just striking up a pleasant conversation at a party.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE