7 Types of Weight Loss Surgery


Dieting is not for everyone. It is often unsuccessful for many people leading them to eat even more and gain more weight. This is counterproductive and not good for anyone. While there are some surgeries that many would consider risky, they can be what you need to get your health on track. As long as you are consulting with a trusted physician you should be able to find a weight loss surgery that fits you and your lifestyle.


 1. Adjustable Gastric Band

This is part of the restrictive group of bariatric (weight loss) surgery. It is the most common and a tube is inserted into the stomach and inflated. This shrinks the size of the stomach effectively limiting the amount of food you can consume. It also slows the release of the food from the gullet of the body into the stomach. A reversible surgery, it is done through a keyhole and has seen tremendous success over the years.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE