7 Unique Eye Makeup Looks Utilizing Swirl Makeup


Sometimes you just want something different. While makeup standards are a good base for getting what you need out of makeup, swirl looks tend to provide a surreal effect that takes makeup from enhancement to drama. There are a number of different looks out there and all it takes is a little imagination and laying aside your preconceived notions of color and you can be a stunning cover girl of swirl makeup. First and foremost, swirl makeup means all around the eye, the bottom and the top.

1. Fairy Fantasy Swirl

For a fantastical look, use a liquid liner to line the top and bottom of your eyes. Then at the outside edge draw a swirl going up and one going down. Then in the middle put a line going straight out. From there use color to bring out the eyelid. Start with a light yellow in the middle, graduate to green then to blue then to purple as you work your way out.

2. Fairy Fantasy Color

This utilizes greens blues and yellows to crate a very tinker bell look. You line the top of the eye with a bright green and a black and then do the lid in a light yellow. From there you build a top with a darker blue. Under the eye you have a thin black line and you carry down the green color and the blue so it fully encircles your eye. The lines on top are thicker than the ones on the bottom.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE