7 Ways of Being Beautiful Without Makeup




Of course you always want to look good, but sometimes, it might be difficult for you to wear makeup because you are busy or are allergic to certain products. The solution to this problem is in allowing your natural beauty to shine with the techniques described below.

1. First, you should use a facial moisturizer to wash the face two times per day twice a day because this helps in hydrating the skin and keeps it moisturized. After that, you then apply a homemade moisturizer like yogurt with crushed cucumbers or plain yogurt with lemon juice. Another idea is to use a face cream.

2. Every 3 weeks, you should get your eyebrows waxed, as to look beautiful without makeup, having neatly-shaped eyebrows is very important. The absence of makeup on the face is easily noticed when people see how nice your eyebrows look. Tell your stylist to use the arch design for extra flair.

3. You should sleep more and drink more water to achieve the natural beauty desired. After being awake for many nights, you start developing bags under the eyes and the cause of this is the lack of hydration.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE