7 Ways of Being Beautiful Without Makeup


4. Always wash your hair because with time the hair accumulates dirt, sweat, new growth and other types of particles, making there to be a buildup. Therefore, for the hair to look fresh and have a good smell, you should conditioner and shampoo.

5. Before you go out, you need to use a lot of sunscreen, as if the hair is not protected for a long time, the skin is made to age faster than normal, increasing the chances of experiencing skin cancer. Look for sunscreen which contains vitamins E, C and A.

6. Do not put the hands on your face, as the hands usually collect bacteria during the day and every time the face is rubbed with unwashed hands, the dirt and bacteria are transferred to your face. Before you touch your face, the hands need to be washed first.

7. If you have pimples, you should use acne medication, as what pimples do is that they remove your natural beauty and if it is acne, you need to apply creams or use pills which get rid of pimples. With the dermatologist hired, you can easily control this situation if you are suffering from acne.