7 Ways You Can Fix Your Dry Hair


5. Go Organic With Hair Products

Sometimes you experience dryness in your hair because you are using hair products that contain harsh ingredients and these are not the best for your hair. You should look for products that have natural ingredients or you can use items in your pantry such as yogurt, lemon juice, water and apple cider vinegar.

6. Cut Back on Styling Your Hair With Heat

Another remedy for dry hair is to stop styling your hair with excess heat from heat styling tools such as the curling iron and flat iron. If you want to get curls or waves, you can get a wave perm or put rollers in your hair so that you will have less heat applied to the hair.

7. Use Vitamin E

Vitamins are important in treating dry hair and vitamin E in particular is essential for good hair health. You should take this vitamin daily in the form of a supplement and also eat foods that are high in this vitamin. Wash your hair with conditioners that are enriched in vitamin E and when you use light hair grease, use the grease that is fortified with vitamin E.


Your hair is not the healthiest when it is dry and this leads to hair breakage as a result. Finally, you want to talk with your dermatologist to get additional solutions to treat dry hair.