7 Ways of Correctly Applying Eyeliner


1. Pick An Eyeliner Based on Skin Tone

You want to choose a good eyeliner based on your skin tone because it makes for a uniform look for your makeup. Those with warm tones should choose green, red or a brown eyeliner while those with cool skin tones should wear black, navy or gray eyeliner. Also consider your outfit color and hair color when picking an eyeliner.

2. Put Eyehadow On Before Eyeliner

The reason you should put on eyeshadow before applying the eyeliner because it keeps the eyeliner from smudging all over your eyelids. When choosing the eyeshadow, look for a color that matches your skin tone and that complements your outfit. After you put on the eyeshadow, you would apply thin layers of eyeliner over the lids.

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3. Get Creative With Techniques

Another thing you want to do is to think of creative ways to apply eyeliner to your eyelids. You can use your eyeliner to create the smoky eye look for Halloween or if you are attending a costume party, you can get the Horus eye design or a dragonfly design underneath the eyelids. You can also wear bold colored eyeliner on the eyelids.

 Correctly Applying Eyeliner
Correctly Applying Eyeliner

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4. Get Eyeliner or Eyeliner Liquid

These kinds of eyeliner are better than pencil eyeliner because they stay on your eyelids for a long period of time and they make for a more dramatic look when going out unlike the eyeliner pencil, which give your eyes a subtle look.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE