7 Ways of Correctly Applying Eyeliner


5. Hold Eyeliner Tight

When you put on the eyeliner, you want to rest your elbow on a flat table or book while tightly holding the eyeliner as you put it on your eyelids. The purpose of doing this is to maintain smudge-free eyelids while having the eyeliner on them.

6. Start At Far Corner of Eyelids

To properly apply the eyeliner, you want to start by putting the eyeliner on the far corner of the inner eyelids then move the eyeliner across the eyelids. This makes for a uniform look on both eyelids and it reduces smudges on them.

7. Don’t Blink After Using Eyeliner

This is important because if you blink after applying the eyeliner, you will smudge it and this doesn’t look good on the eyeliner. Another way to reduce smudges is to not put too much eyeliner on the lids.


Eyeliner adds pizzazz to your overall look and if you want your eyes to look their best, you should put on the eyeliner properly. You do not always have to wear black or brown eyeliner all of the time because there are now colored eyeliners that are good to wear with summer outfits. For those who are brides, you should wear waterproof eyeliner because it reduces smudges when you cry during the wedding. If you have had a certain eyeliner for a few months, you should throw it out because expired eyeliners are dried out.