7 Ways For 40 Plus Women To Shed Those Pounds


There is something about the magic number of 40 when our bodies seem to accumulate fat faster than they ever did before, even though we might be following the same workout ritual and diet plan as we have for years. The reason behind this scenario is that your metabolic rate reduces significantly as you gain on in years. However, whether you are 40 or even past it, there are a number of ways to shed those pounds.

1. Continue working out to bring the metabolic rate up

Age makes our muscles lose their buildup, which consequently leads to a reduction in our metabolic rates. Keeping up the muscle mass can help our metabolism improve and that is only possible through maintaining a daily workout regimen that not only energizes our body but also makes our metabolic function better, ensuring that a higher number of calories are burned in the process.

2. Do not place the blame on hormonal changes

Women see a number of hormonal changes once they get past 40 and that contributes to the rise in their weights. However, instead of using it as an excuse, try to counter it by following a more focused approach towards weight loss. Make your workout regimen so sound that hormonal changes cannot affect your weight in any way. Let fitness routines become a compulsory part of your daily schedule and see the results soon enough.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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