7 Ways to Get Long Nails and Keep Them That Way


5. No Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Do not use acetone nail polish remover because it dries out your nails and it is better to use non acetone nail polish remover. After you take off the nail polish remover, you want to apply nail cream to soften the nails so that the nails will be moisturized.

6. Take Biotin

Biotin supplements are excellent for nail growth and you should take these daily. You can also consume foods that are high in B vitamins to supplement the biotin since B vitamins are also important in maintaining healthy nails.

7. Keep The Nails Polished

Even if you do not use colored polish on nails, it is still good to have a topcoat on the nails because it serves as a protectant for your nails and this aids in healthy nail growth and maintenance.


Having long and healthy nails makes you look attractive and it is a confidence boost for the times you go out. If you can, visit a manicurist every few weeks for a manicure but if you cannot afford this, buy a manicure set from a discount retailer. You want to keep the inside of your nails clean so scrub under them periodically so that bacteria and fungi will not develop under the nails. Acrylic nails look great on you but make sure you maintain them properly so that your natural nails will grow. If you still have brittle nails despite using these methods, you should meet with the dermatologist to determine if you have other medical issues.