7 Ways to Get the Perfect Ponytail



1. Wash and Spritz Your Hair

In order to get the best ponytail, you want to wash and spritz your Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" then apply some volumizing lotion to the hair. When you do this, you will add body to your hair and after you dry your hair, you will have a sexier and fuller ponytail that will amaze friends and your spouse

2. On The Other Hand, Dirt Does a Ponytail Good

You may think that fresh clean hair does wonders for your ponytail but the truth is that dirty hair works well for styling ponytails because it will be easier to pull your hair back into a ponytail and style it in all kinds of ways. This is why beauty experts suggest a ponytail if your hair gets dull after a few weeks.





3. Placement of Ponytail Is Key

Sometimes your ponytail does not look right because the ponytail is not in the best position. You can create a better ponytail just by changing the placement of it. If your face is round, you want to place the ponytail a little high on the head while those with oval shaped faces can place it in the center of the hair.


Image Source: makeup

4. Make The Ponytail Curly

To give your ponytail a curly touch, you should first put your hair in sections and then after this you would roll your hair with big rollers while adding anti frizz serum for shine and frizz reduction in the ponytail. Once you do this you would gently tease the curls and put it in a high ponytail.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE