7 Ways to Get the Perfect Ponytail


5. Experiment With Different Ponytails

Do not settle for the same basic ponytail when you can wear a variety of ponytails. For example, you can wear a side ponytail with strips of colored hairpieces inside of it. You can also sport a braided ponytail or a ponytail with loose waves along with cute hair accessories.

6. Use The Brush and Make The Ponytail Sleek

The best way to smooth out your hair for a ponytail is to use a good brush and you can also apply a little water and styling gel to make your ponytail sleek. When you use these techniques, your ponytail will not look sloppy.

7. Decorate Your Ponytail
Give the ponytail the wow factor by accessorizing it with a big decorative hair band and one cute hair pin on each side of the head. This keeps from having a boring looking ponytail.

When you create a beautiful ponytail, you will have a look that impresses your friends and that allows you to wear your hair in a simple way on days when you do not feel like wearing a fancy hairstyle to work or school. Read different hair magazines to get an idea of what kind of ponytail would look good on you and if you have short hair, you can purchase a clip in hair extension to create a ponytail.