7 Ways of Losing Extra Ten Pounds With Ease




1. Have A Realistic Goal and Write How You Will Achieve Them

The first step in losing the extra pounds is to write a realistic goal for losing those pounds and you should figure out how you will lose them. For example, if you want to lose ten pounds within a week, you may decide to cut out all junk food and carbs during that week and you may decide to increase the amount of time you exercise.

2. Eat Smaller Meals

You want to stay away from large portioned meals because this hinders your ability to lose the extra ten pounds within one to two weeks. Do not visit an all-you-can-eat buffet if you know you will be tempted to eat too much there. Eat your meals on small saucers during the day rather than large plates.






3. Eat Breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you put yourself in a position where your body is starved for food and you are more tempted to eat unhealthy meals during the day. You want to include good proteins such as eggs, turkey bacon, nuts or pinto beans. You can also drink orange juice, milk or lemon water with honey along with the breakfast.

4. Exercise Your Heart Out

You are shortchanging yourself if you change the way you eat but avoid exercising. It is important that you exercise as often as possible so it would be easier to lose the extra ten pounds. Good exercises include swimming, walking, dancing and jogging in the park. Ask a friend to join you in the exercises during the week or have your spouse and kids join in.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE