7 Ways of Losing Extra Ten Pounds With Ease


5. Monitor and Record Foods You Consume

You will have a better understanding of what food is doing to your body when you monitor and record foods that you eat. When you write the foods that you eat, also write down the amount of calories next to those foods. For example, if the canned ravioli you ate at lunch was 234 calories then for dinner you can eat less calories by choosing grilled vegetables.

6. Reduce Stress

Some people overeat because of stress and if you want to lose the extra ten pounds, you should look for ways to reduce stress such as walking, talking with friends, reading, meditating and listening to relaxing music.

7. Avoid Temptations
Another thing you should do is stay away from situations that would trigger your ability to stick to your weight loss goal. Instead of going out to eat with your coworkers, you can invite them to eat a healthy meal at your home.


Losing the extra ten pounds is not going to be easy but if you are committed to the goal and disciplined, it will happen for you. Read stories of those who lost weight and get help from loved ones when you start to lose your motivation for weight loss. Finally, you want to have a positive attitude.