7 Ways of Making Good Nail Art




Designing nail art is not as easy as it looks but with a few fun tips, you can get your nails to look as good as the photographs that you see online. Stylish nails only add to an outfit and they should be treated like accessories. When your nails look good, it is a reflection on your grooming habits and people will notice. These are some tips for good looking nails:

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1. Plastic Bag Designs

Using a plastic baggie, draw your favorite design in nail polish. Let it dry and peel it off. Then, stick the design on your nails and cover with a top coat. Let it dry. The designs can be outlined with Sharpie marker so you have lines to follow with your nail polish wand.

Good Nail Art
Good Nail Art

Image Source: gopixpic

2. Plastic Wrap

Add a marbled look to your nails with a simple bit of plastic wrap. Put one color on the bottom and let it dry. Then put a second color on top one nail at a time, using the plastic wrap as a blotter to remove some of the top coat. You will get a marbled look. If you get too much polish off, apply more and blot a bit more.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE