7 Ways of Benefiting from the Use of Hair Conditioner


Apart from what is generally believed, there are many other uses of hair conditioner. The hair conditioner is a product which can be used as a beauty aid and around the house. If you can only find an expensive hair conditioner, the tips in this article will help you to always save some money from today.

These are some of the uses of hair conditioner:

1. Cuticle Softener

A cuticle softener is one of my favorite uses of hair conditioner, and it usually costs at least $5, while you are only given a tiny jar. A hair conditioner of a large bottle usually costs less than $2, giving you a lot more product. When it is daily rubbed on and around your nail bed, you would no longer need dry cuticles.






2. Shaving Cream

Depending on the shaving cream brand you are using, you could spend more here. Actually, hair conditioner gives you a smoother, closer shave, making your skin to be soft in the process. The conditioner is also transparent, unlike the white foamy shave cream. Therefore, you are able to identify any untouched area.

3. Ouchless Band-Aid Removal

When it comes to the removal of band-aids or medical tape, I am such a wimp, especially in areas which are sensitive. The process is painless when you use hair conditioner. You only need to soak the area around the two sticky strips and the band-aid with a dab of conditioner, leave for about 30 seconds. The band-aid will be removed easily, without any pain.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE