7 Ways of Braiding Your Hair


Today, many ways exist for hair braiding, and this summer, you should also consider it. Semi short, medium or long, it is possible to braid the hair even if you would need to only plait some small strands to improve your look. In my case, I decided to grow my hair so as to play around with braids. This is why I am always in search for the gorgeous and intricate techniques for having the classic French braid for added beauty, for instance. Therefore, from classic and chic to involved and innovative, these are some of the 7 ways of braiding your hair.

1. The Messy Boho Twist

It is always my interest to look for the messy ways of braiding the hair, as my fingers are clumsy. It is not necessary to have flawless braiding skills in order to have the casual and gorgeous chic style. The Boho style signature is the only thing it takes, giving you a neat nighttime twist for the right day-to-night hairdo.





2. The Magnificent Mermaid Braid

One thing that is still popular is the fishtail braid, but with the lush, thick mermaid braid, it gets a more regal update. As it works better with longer lengths, it would require you to spend some time practicing, making it necessary to seek the assistance of a friend who has the idea. It is an effect which always makes the effort to be worthwhile, especially when you need a stunning and unique date-night style.

Image Source: pinterest

3. The Angelic Braid Halo

These are close to Dutch or milkmaid braids – a style which is great for preventing your hair from covering your face when out at the beach. However, it is also chic and simplistic for any other occasion you might have. Besides the traditional braided headband, if you want to try something, you may just do a double.


4. The Stunning Side Swept Fishtail

In addition to being ultra-pretty, fishtails are still amazingly popular. Therefore, when next you are trying something new, sweeping it to the side is a good idea. You should first practice the fishtail technique; but as soon as you get it, the inventive twist is easy.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE