7 Ways of Braiding Your Hair


5. The Completely Casual Side Braid

Side braids are good, and this is why they are one of the hottest hipster looks today, in addition to being very easy to get done. This is a look which can be worked even if your hair is only of medium length. What might be needed is a set of bobby pins placed strategically to help in keeping loose strands in place. This is the braid which is ideal for casual outings, workouts, or lazy poolside days.

6. The Amazing Fairytale Braid

Another name for this is the waterfall braid, looking absolutely gorgeous. It requires a lot of time to make, making it ideal only for special occasions. At the same time, if you have a date, you will catch the attention of your partner easily. Again, doing this needs the help of a friend to ensure that everything stays even.

7. The Fab Braided Faux Hawk

This is one of the looks I love from the time the innovative twist changed my mind. It is a perfect party look that can be worn when going out dancing or heading to a concert.

A simple, single braid can easily make your entire look to be changed. Whether you are keeping it cool and funky with some Boho braiding action or going all out with a wild fishtail braid, this look can always work for you. Do you have your favorite way of hair braiding? Please, share with us if you have a technique or style you love.