7 Ways of Faking the Way to Sun Kissed Skin



Any highlighting that you do to your face whether with bronzer, blush, or another product, should be done where the sun normally tans your face. Your brow, chin, hairline and your cheeks are the best places for a little color. With the right placement, you will look more naturally tan.


Fake tans can look amazing, when they are done right. In order to pick the most natural look, use a tanning lotion that gradually increases your summer glow. No one goes from pale to super tan over night. You should also be very careful that get a golden glow, not an orange glow!


Another important step in getting a fake tan is to exfoliate. If you do not get rid of the dead skin, then your fake tan will flake off and you will look a bit spotty. When you want to look healthy and fresh, clean exfoliated skin is the best way to do it to get that sun-kissed, natural glow.