7 Ways of Getting Marble Nails


4. Use Diverse Patterns

You do not have to use the same marble nail design every time since there are so many to choose from. These include zigzags, circular designs, and even calligraphy nail art. If you need additional ideas on using marbled patterns on your nails, you can read magazine articles on this topic.

5. Do A Manicure Before Creating Marble Nails

If you want the best-looking marble nails, you should do a manicure before doing so because when your nails are videos on manicures-chipped or have hangnails, it makes the marble nails unattractive. You can look at online videos on the proper ways to do a manicure and there are also books you can read on the topic.

6. Add Glitter to Marble Nails

Another good tip in achieving marble nails is to add glitter to your marble liquid to make your nails look dazzling. You can add glitter in colors silver, red, green or blue. Some nail polish companies make marble nail liquid with glitter already in it so this makes the design easier to create.

7. Put Studs on Marbled Nails

If you want more pizzazz to your nails, you can put studs on your marbled nails and even tiny beads or pearls would look nice. In conclusion, when you wear marbled nails, you add a different dimension to how you wear nails and they go with most casual outfits and even some work outfits depending on the color of the outfit and marbled design colors. Finally, you will like the different patterns you can use to create marbled nails.

Using plastic wrap is another way of getting marble nails easily, and the steps one and two described above should be repeated, after which, on the top of your opaque nail color, you should paint a different color nail polish. Before the drying of the second color, you should pat the nails using a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap to create a nice marble effect.