7 Ways of Growing Your Hair



For some years, I have been interested in growing out my hair, and what I want women to understand is that it is a process which requires certain techniques without the use of expensive extensions to get the long, luxurious locks.

Below are some tips for growing your hair, and these have helped me in getting 3 inches in the last 6 months.




1. Eat a Lot of Protein

Eating a lot of protein is a good thing, and you won’t even look like a bodybuilder; instead, you would have your hair looking phenomenal. As the hair is made of protein, doing this makes the production of collagen to slow down, leading to the stunted growth of the hair. You should eat a minimum of 20 to 30 grams in each meal, while you may as well lose some weight, as fat or carbs do not satisfy as protein does. In my own case, the intake of protein has made my hair silky, strong, and made it to grow faster than before. My favorites as the sources of protein are fish, organic chicken, eggs, raw protein powder, nuts and seeds and organic Greek yogurt for my protein sources.