7 Ways of Having Thicker-Looking Hair


5. Extensions

Extensions are a simple way to make your hair look thicker and the good news is that they last long. You will need to wash the extensions periodically and visit your stylist occasionally so that the extensions will be clean and refreshed. There are curly, wavy and straight hair extensions available.

6. Don’t Brush and Heat Style Your Hair Too Much

If you want your hair to appear thicker than what it is, you should stay away from excessive brushing of the hair, and you also want to stay away from using heat styling tools too much since it dries out your hair, causing a thinner appearance of your hair.

7. Supplements

When you take supplements for hair growth, your hair will gradually grow and this leads to thicker looking hair. Good supplements include biotin, B vitamins, and multivitamins.


Beautiful hair takes time to grow and while you grow your hair out, you can use these techniques to create the appearance of thicker hair. You can also talk with your stylist or dermatologist to get ideas on how to get the illusion of thicker hair. If your hair is very thin and it is impossible to use the above mentioned techniques, you can wear a wig until there is adequate hair growth.