7 Ways of Reducing Nail Breakage


This article contains many tips on how to reduce nail breakages in ways that are not expensive, and you would not even spend too much time getting the job done. Many women have found them to be useful in keeping their nails beautiful and, should really be considered if you want to have the same results with your nails.

The tricks described below can be used in reducing nail breakages. Using them makes you to always look younger and attractive, which means you won’t be left out at any special outing.

1. Evenly Trim Nails and Keep Them Short if Nails Are Weak

One of the best ways to prevent nail breakage is to trim all of your nails evenly so that they will be smooth and attractive looking. If your nails are very weak, it is not a good way to grow them out because they will break easily. Instead you should keep the nails short.



 2. File Your Nails Biweekly

This is important because it keeps snags from ruining the shape and appearance of your nails.After you file your nails you would soak the nails in warm water and soap then apply moisturizing lotion to your nails afterwards. File your nails in an even manner and never file nails too roughly.

3. Use Vitamin Enriched Nail Polish

If your nails are deficient in vitamins, then this could your best choice if you need a way to get a regular intake of vitamins in addition to eating vitamin rich foods. Look for nail polish that contain vitamins E, D and A. The good thing about these polishes is that some of them come in numerous bold colors and finishes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE