7 Ways of Taking Care of Your Difficult Hair



1. Make The Hair Frizz Free

Difficult hair is often frizzy so if this is your situation, you want to eliminate the frizz. When you wash your hair, put some anti-frizz serum spray in your hair to reduce frizz after styling your hair. Also flat iron your hair whenever your hair gets wet due to sweat or drops of water that hits it during rainy weather.

2. Moisturize Hair and Scalp

If you have coarse and difficult hair, it is important that you moisturize your scalp and hair as often as possible so that you can keep the hair moisturized. In addition to using conditioner, you should also apply moisturizing oil and hair grease to your hair every few days.





3. Don’t Use Too Much Heat on Your Hair

There is nothing wrong with using heat styling tools to create beautiful looks with your hair, you do not want to use these tools in excess because it dries your hair out and it causes hair damage and possibly hair loss over a period of time. Look for hairstyles that do not require these tools.

4. Consider Cutting The Hair

If your hair is difficult to manage, you can have the stylist cut your hair in a short or medium- length hairstyle so it will be easier to style your Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511"everyday. Layered bobs, pixie cuts or the shag cut is a good way to wear your hair short. You will need to visit the stylist every few weeks to refresh the hairstyle and wash the hair if necessary.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE