7 Ways to Avoid Makeup Germs


Make up germs can easily be avoided, but many women do not know the tricks. Once you learn how to avoid the germs, you will find that your make up looks and feels better on your face. You will also find that if you get acne, your acne will diminish because your make up has less bacteria. Here are seven of the best ways to avoid make up germs:

1. Keep Your Makeup to Yourself

Sharing is not always caring, especially when it comes to personal care products. Do not share your makeup or makeup applicators with your friends. You could catch a virus from a cold sore or you even have an allergic reaction or develop a rash.


 2. Read the Expiration Dates

Keep a Sharpie marker in your cosmetics bag and write the expiration date on the outside of the container. Once the expiration date occurs, toss the makeup. Liquid makeup, like foundations and mascaras, can develop high amounts of bacteria over time and you do not want to smear that all over your face or to apply it near your eyes.

3. Clean Your Makeup Sponges Weekly

Sponges are known for being hotbeds for growing bacteria. Washing them in hot water is very important to kill the bacteria. If you do not want to wash them, toss them after a week.