7 Ways to Avoid Makeup Germs


4. Sanitize Your Makeup Tools Monthly

Along with your weekly sponge cleaning, you need to wash your makeup brushes at least once per month. This destroys the bacteria and germs and it helps clean the dust that accrues on them, too.

5. Had a Cold Sore? Toss Your Lipstick

Cold sores are caused by viruses and if you have had a cold sore, you could give it back to yourself when you use your lipstick. If you love the color, buy a new one.

6. Disinfect Your Tweezers

Before and after you use your tweezers, give them an alcohol bath. You will kill the germs, which is a good idea to do before you use them on your face. Cleaning your tweezers when you are finished will help keep them clean while they are not being used.

7. Clean All of Your Makeup Tools: Even Your Hands

Most women use their fingers to apply moisturizer and makeup on their faces. If you are taking the time to wash your makeup tools and makeup sponges, you should also be sure to wash your hands before you put on your makeup. You should also wash your hands after you put on makeup to keep your environment clean, too.

It does not take much work to keep your makeup and makeup applicators germ free. If you pick a certain day each month, like the first to clean your tools, you will not forget. You should also keep your cosmetics area stocked with the cleaning supplies that you need, like rubbing alcohol and permanent markers. Your face will appreciate the time you take to disinfect and sanitize.