7 Ways to be a Lady



There are some women who are better in terms of manners than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that women without them are not capable of having better manners and acting like more of a “lady.” Here is something that our grandmothers and our great grandmothers hoped for all of their daughters and granddaughters. If you’re wondering how to be a lady, the following tips are going to help you become one that your mother would be proud of.

1. Stick to One Man

Being a sexual woman is quite alright. There are no double standards although society makes us feel as if there is. There isn’t anything wrong with sexually experimenting but to a certain extent it isn’t safe to fool around with too many people, and it isn’t really fun either. If you can, stick to the men that you build a mental connection with.

2. Avoid Smoking

It’s funny how certain innuendos change over time. Smoking use to be very classy and glamorous at one point in time. Today smoking looks trashy, not to mention it’s extremely unhealthy for you. It causes more wrinkles and it increase your chances of cancer by a lot!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE