7 Ways to Boost Your Energy


If you are tired of feeling lackluster and sluggish during the day, it is time to boost your energy the right way and for good. When you have increased metabolism, you are more productive and you can get more tasks done without the stress and boredom. Here are some ways to boost your energy permanently. 

  1. Eat Healthy Foods Before You Exercise

 When you eat the right foods before exercising, you will have more energy during and after the workout.





Fruit is excellent to eat before a workout because it eliminates toxins and wastes fromthe body that cause a loss of energy. Bananas and oranges in particular are good for boosting energy levels before you exercise. Complex carbs such as whole grain contain fiber and you need fiber in order to have good metabolism rates. You should also consume proteins such as nuts and yogurts.

 2.Kick Off Your Morning With Breakfast

 Too many Americans do not start their mornings off with a balanced breakfast and as a result they do not feel very energetic during the day. You do not need a big breakfast and in fact some medical experts say that it is better to have a smaller breakfast that could consist of oatmeal, fruit and yogurt along with a glass of cranberry juice.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE