7 Ways to Budget at the Salon



We all know how expensive a salon visit can be. Luckily, there are ways to cut down on the cost here and cut the corners in order to save yourself a bundle of cash. The following tips will help you to save cash while still obtaining the look that you want.

1. Do not Style

A lot of the bill is also spent on the styling afterwards. A great way to save money at the salon is by having the stylist only color it or trim it, without styling it. You can leave the salon with damp and fresh hair without having to pay extra for the style.





2. Come Washed and Ready

By coming to the salon already have washed your hair, you are also avoiding extra cost. You will save money instead of having to spend on the standard salon wash. This could be up to $25.00 off of your bill.

3. Color Extend

You can cut down the cost by visiting the salon less frequently for color. If you invest some money into color extend products you will find that the color lasts a lot longer. Anyone who does color treat their hair should use products that are designed especially for color treated hair. Make sure that the bottle is labeled sulfate free. This is designed to protect your color from fading.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE