7 Ways to Choose the Best Foundation


I love wearing foundation, but did not know that there were many foundation mistakes I was making daily. My mother taught me certain tricks when I was young, now regarded as old wives’ tales. To my surprise, many of the beauty tips by which I swore were found to be some of the most common mistakes made with foundation. The list below would help you in not making the same mistakes when using foundation!


 1. Powder foundation

It’s important that you do not use a powder foundation. Use a liquid and you will see all the difference due to the fact that the powder will dry out your skin or look far too caked up. It does take a lot of effort to get the smooth look, but the powder will also result in creases and give the effect of deep-set wrinkles. That is a woman’s biggest fear. Wear a liquid and your skin will look much smoother.

2. Test it

It’s important that you always test your foundation before you purchase it. Test it on your actual face for the best results – underneath your eyes, around your nose and alongside your jaw line. This will reassure you that you are purchasing the right shade, and the perfect foundation is one that will actually disappear on the skin. If you’re unsure of the shade, you should always go a shade darker instead of lighter. It will cover up your blemishes and imperfections much more efficiently.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE