7 Ways to Choose the Best Foundation


3. Wear a primer

You always need to wear a primer being that it will help you in putting the foundation on better and smoother. It will also keep it on for a much longer period of time.

4. Use a brush

Make sure that you use a foundation brush. This is much more efficient at putting it on then with your fingers or a sponge. You will use less foundation and it will be less messy – it will also give it an even tone.

5. Apply it

Did you know that it’s not even necessary to apply foundation all over your face? This is actually only meant for the areas of your skin that have redness or need touching up. You’re also wasting a lot of foundation if you apply it over your whole face.

6. Use a concealer

You also do not need to use a concealer under the foundation. It’s recommended that you use it on top of the foundation to cover up acne or a blemish. It needs to be blended in well with a similar brush that you used for your foundation.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE