7 Ways to Choose the Best Foundation


7. Do not set your powder!

It’s important that you don’t set your powder with any tinted powder because if you use it after your foundation, it may look way too cakey. It is hard to fix after that, and you may have to start over or find a powder that is a bit more translucent. This will keep you from getting a caked up texture and help you to get a single skin tone.

Now that you have a better idea on how to apply your makeup and put your foundation on, you can learn how to apply a blush and a bronze on afterwards. If foundation is not put on correctly, then it’s very easy to mess up your whole look. Sometimes using less is more and you may not need as much as you think you do. Make sure that you always get a tone that matches your skin and if you can’t find it then go a shade darker so that you can avoid a pale and washed-out look. With the right makeup, you can look and feel great!