7 Ways to Clean Cosmetic Brushes


A common mistake that women make is forgetting to clean their cosmetic makeup brushes. A lot of money is often invested in quality makeup tools such as brushes, curlers and puffs. It’s important to clean them to not only maintain the quality of them, but to keep the face clean.

1. How to Clean the Brushes

It’s recommended to wash Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "1898" brushes every 2 weeks due to all of the oils and dirt that can get trapped in them easily. That will break the bristles down which is why washing them will preserve them and keep the application of makeup clean.





 2. Excessive color

To correctly clean makeup brushes, you should remove the excessive color from the bristles through back-and-forth wiping on a clean paper towel.

3. Bristles

Put the bristles into a warm cup or bowl of water and be careful not to do the same with the metal casing on the brush because this may loosen the bristles that are glued to the base of the brush. Make the bristles wet, making them to run under warm water to make the bristles to become damp.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE