7 Ways to do a Jelly Sandwich Manicure


If you’ve never tried your own jelly sandwich manicure then try it now. This is definitely an understated look and it is a modest way to wear glitter without looking over the edge. Doing this on your nails is quick and easy once you know how to do it. If you are ready to create your own jelly sandwich manicure look then keep these tips close to you for foolproof nails.

1. The Real Deal

If you are trying out this manicure for the first time, do not get too confused with it. You are going to need a jelly polish and glitter.





A good polish is going to be colored and appear to be a bit translucent as well. After a couple of coats it’s going to give you the perfect effect.

Jelly Sandwich Manicure
Jelly Sandwich Manicure

Image Source: birchbox

2. Illustrate a Transparent Look

It’s going to be a lot easier on you if you use a sheer or light colored polish. If you use a thick polish then the glitter may not show up as well as it should to give you the desired effect. You can always try to experiment with different colors if you’d like and find a combination that works best for you.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE