7 ways to Effect the Growth of your Hair


4. Drinking water

Believe it or not, drinking a lot of water can help your hair grow faster. This is a natural-and-quick method. Simply drinking 8 cups of water a day will not only make your bodies feel better but will allow for your hair to get much stronger as well.

5. Heat

It’s very important that you limit the heat that is directed towards your hair. It isn’t good to blow dry your hair every time that you get out of the shower. Too much heat can definitely cause damage to your hair and keep it from growing out long. Blow drying it less will make your hair grow much faster. The same goes for a flat iron, do not straighten your hair everyday because it will dry out and the ends will need to be cut even faster.

6. Proteins

Protein will benefit your hair immensely, and it will give it a lot of nutrients in order for it to grow. Make sure that you eat a diet rich in protein, which will make your hair grow much faster. Eating a lot of lean meats, chicken, fish, nuts and eggs will give your body all the protein that it needs.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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