7 Ways to Feel Confident in your Body


Regardless of who you are and what body type you have, you’re all different. It seems as if magazines and the media portray these bodies that are seemingly perfect. They advertise dieting, diet pills, constant exercise and counting calories. It is a rough concept for women and how they feel about their physical appearance. You need to love the skin that you’re in, in order to embrace your individuality and success in life.

1. Remain Optimistic

The one thing that you need to do throughout the whole process is remain optimistic about yourself and what you have to bring to the table. There are so many beautiful things about your body that you are probably ignoring because the media tends to ignore it. Make a list of all the beautiful things about you and look back on it to remember that each and every one of us are different and we all have different advantages to bring to the table.






2. Embody a Role Model

Although there are plenty of people in the media who have the perfect body, you should pay attention to the absolutely gorgeous and stunning women who have curves. Let’s face it, men love curves and if your stick thin it’s not a feminine trait. There are beautiful actresses and models who have curves, butts and breasts! Let’s not forget that this is how a real woman looks and this is how me like them.

3. Remember to Exercise

One of the best ways to love and embrace your body is by exercising at least every other day. Put your running shoes on and get to work. Even if you take a quick 30 minute power walk it’s going to make a huge difference in term of your self esteem.


4. Eat Right

Although working out is important, eating right is even more essential to staying healthy and staying fit. Make sure that your kitchen is full of fruits and vegetables. It isn’t that you have to eat less; it’s that you have to make better eating choices. This will also contribute to your mental and emotional health as well.

5. Be Good to You

You need to look at and treat your body the right way. Make sure that you care for your skin as well by keeping it moisturized and wearing sunscreen when it is necessary. Our bodies are our temples and caring for them is easy when we can make it a habit. It will make us look and feel different.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE