7 Ways to Get out of a Workout Rut


Working out eventually gets boring. No matter what you do and no matter how motivated you are, there are just there moments where it becomes impossible to make yourself get up and get going. Often in these times you can find other things to do like hiking. Eventually you have to suck it up and get out of your workout rut so you can stay on target with your workout goals.

1. New Outfit!

Buy a cute new workout outfit. Okay, it might sound crazy and it might sound consumerist, but sometimes it is just the motivation you need to get going. You don’t want those cute shoes or those awesome new workout pants sitting on the shelf. It can give you the push to get you off the couch.


 2. Track Success

Start tracking your success. There is something about writing down what you are doing that just speaks to your psyche. When you are tracking how far along you come you seem to be more motivated to go back day after day. Once the logs start growing, you don’t want to end your streak!

3. Set Some Goals

Make new goals. You are always going to be better at working out when you are striving towards something. If you don’t have something new you want to do, try and sign up for a race or add a new class to the repertoire. It really helps you stay focused and pulls you through a workout rut.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE