7 Ways to get the Perfect Hair Poof



Many women love the poof look but don’t know how to exactly style it the right way or are too afraid to go out on a whim and try it. This may be due to the fact that it has gotten somewhat of a bad rap thanks to “Jersey Shore.” If you follow the right tips while styling your hair, you will create a look that is absolutely gorgeous and classy. It can be very glamorous when it is styled the right way as long as you don’t overdo it with the volume. Use these tips to get the perfect poof.

1. Keep it Oily

It’s important not to wash your hair if you want to get the right poof because it’s a lot easier to manage when it has natural oils in it. You will need manageable hair with this style and if you want to get the perfect design you should skip a wash. Give this a try and it may be a lot easier to add glamour to the look.

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2. Form of Blow-drying

If you have the type of hair that will not allow you to skip a wash do not worry. There are hair tips that will help you with your poof. After taking a shower blow dry your hair upside down. Flip your head over and blows dry the underside of it. This is going to give your hair some volume initially so that it’s much easier to style.

3. Straighten your Hair

Even if your hair is already somewhat straight, you are going to be in need of a flat iron when you are going for your poof. You will want it to be as straight as possible. It may be a little difficult if you have curly or wavy hair. If you have straightened it before then you know how it’s going to behave.


4. Use Product

There are a lot of hair products that will give you the volume that you want in your hair. You are not going to have to weigh it down with gel. All that you’d need is some hair wash and conditioner that will give you the volume that you desire. There are some shampoos and conditioners that will promise it. There are also volume sprays that will help if you don’t have time to wash your hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE