7 Ways To Get Your Thighs Toned


Thighs can be a challenge for some women, but luckily there are a lot of different ways to get those thighs shapely and sexy just like you always wanted. It is important to remember that just reading about it, or trying to take shakes and pills to lose the weight isn’t really going to help you. If you want your thighs to be healthy and shapely, then you will need to work at it. You will need to build and strengthen those muscles and that will take some work. So make the decision to do so and work at it. In no time you’ll have those thighs in ship-shape.

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 1. Lunges For Toned Thighs

Lunges are an excellent exercise for toning the thighs. To begin, always make sure you stretch out first so that your muscles don’t cramp or get pulled. You can choose which leg you want to start with, but for this example we will start with the right leg in front. Position your left leg behind your right leg with your toes straight and your knees over your toes. Pull in your belly and keep your chin tucked in. You will want to pull your belly in, imagining it going towards your spine, and then squeeze your butt muscles while you tighten your thighs. Your arms should be held out at your sides with the palms facing forward. Bend both legs (lunge) and be sure to breathe correctly. Do a set of 18 or so, depending upon your fitness level, making sure to do the same amount of lunges for each leg.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE