7 Ways to have Model Nails



Not all of us have the perfect nails and we know how difficult it can be to keep them up when we are working and laboring outside. Thankfully there is a way to have model nails instead of rough and dry nail beds. Great nails can be obtained if you know how to take care of them correctly.

1. Shape your Nails Often

Everyone has a different preference on how they will shape their nails. Some people prefer oval shaped nails while other people prefer squares. It is worth knowing that if you choose a square shape your nails are going to split and they are far more likely to catch on clothing or break off. You may want to consider a square and oval shape which can be achieved by shaping the edges.

2. Steer Clear from Varnish Remover

Nail varnish remover contains chemicals that will dry out the nail beds and then result in the nails splitting.






Alcohol is the main ingredient in Varnish which is why you should avoid it all costs. Unless the varnish that is on your nails is really chipped just try to paint over it with the existing coat.

3. Clear Varnish

To have model nails you are going to want to use clear varnish. This is going to make your nails glisten and it will also contribute to the strength of them. If you want to strengthen your nails you are going to want to use this routinely. If you want to wear a dark varnish you will want to make sure that the base coat is clear or your nails could get stained.


4. Matching Lengths

You will want to make sure that your nails are always kept at a similar length. If one of them breaks you should file down the rest of them in order for them all to grow at the same rate and the same size. When the lengths are significantly different it can look untidy.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE