7 Ways to Love your own Hair Texture


3. Take Good Care of your Hair

It looks bad when your hair is damaged and you are attempting to style it. You have to straighten it and/or curl it and then put a lot of product into it. The best way to solve this problem is by chopping off all of the ends that you cannot repair and start fresh. Adopt healthy eating habits and start experimenting with some natural hair masks.


4. Hair Experimentation

Make sure that you don’t stick to using the same hair tools and damaging your locks. There are a lot of ways to achieve the style that you want without having to put heat on your hair. Try out different care and styling methods until you get the health of your hair back. Try some natural looks and gels to get rid of fly away pieces. If you experiment with product and new shampoos you may find that you prefer that method of styling over the harsh method.

5. Think Optimistically

You need to remind yourself often how much you love your natural hair. Feel blessed to have the head of locks that you have. Embrace it and make it a part of your personality. Observe your hair in different lights and find colors that might compliment it in the sunlight. Even your natural color has highlights and low lights.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE