7 Ways To Maintain Your Makeup Brushes


It might come as a surprise to some why we are talking about ways to maintain makeup brushes. What possibly could motivate us to write about something so seemingly trivial? The truth is that when it comes to the maintenance of your makeup applicators, you might either be doing it right or completely wrong. If you method of makeup brush maintenance is wrong, you might be cutting their life short and adding extra expenses to your budget. Moreover, since these brushes come in contact with your face, you should be extra cautious when it comes to taking care of them. Here are seven ways that you can do this job right:

1. Sanitize them

The first thing you should emphasize on is the cleanliness of your brushes.


While the best way of performing the cleanup process is to shampoo the brushes, it is not possible to do so everyday due to time constraints. Between the shampoo sessions, you can use a sanitizing spray that helps maintain your brushes’ tidiness and remove any product remnants. Moreover, it kills any harmful germs that can cause damage to your skin. Be sure that you use a sanitizer and not isopropyl alcohol as it is known to spoil the quality of your brush bristles.

2. Use shampoo frequently

Makeup brushes need to be shampooed often just like our own hair. You can choose to perform the shampooing sessions after a regular interval of a week, 15 days or a month. In case you use sanitizers, you can increase the duration between two shampooing sessions. It is, however, recommended not to extend the shampoo gap for more than a month.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE