7 Ways to Make your Hair Smell Amazing



As you know, scent is one of the strongest senses that we have and it is something that brings about the most memories. Having a signature scent in your hair or on your body makes a huge impact on the attraction toward you and other people. For some people it’s difficult to keep a good smell in your hair or it seems to fade fairly quickly. There are ways to keep the smell locked in all day.


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1. Body Spray on your Hair

Hair Smell Amazing
Hair Smell Amazing

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Did you know that you can actually put body spray into your hair to make it last longer. You should avoid the roots due to the amount of alcohol that is present in it; a couple of sprays of it will last you all day or all night.

2. Fragrance

If you don’t have any body spray then use a perfume. If you love the smell of the perfume on your skin you should put a little bit in your hair and it will last even longer. Your hair will smell amazing all day and you will receive plenty of compliments from other people.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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