7 Ways to Make your Hair Smell Amazing


3. The Right Product

Depending on the type of hair texture that you have, find a product that has an awesome smell to it. Not only will it give you the look that you desire, you will obtain a great smell simultaneously.

4. Scented Shampoo

The easiest way to get a great smell is by using a strong scented shampoo. Get one that works well with your hair type and has a natural scent to it. Avoid any that have harsh colors because of the chemicals and simply go for a clear colored shampoo which smells great.

5. Strong Conditioner

After you have invested in the perfect shampoo try a conditioner that is going to compliment it as well. Let a conditioner soak in your hair for awhile so that it sticks. A favorite amongst many is Herbal Essences which smells delicious and is long lasting.

6. Avoid Heat

After washing your hair avoid blow drying it. This is going to take the scent out of it that was soaked in, during the shower. Avoid straightening it as well because the heat activation can get rid of the scents. This will keep your ends from drying and it will also prevent a burnt smell.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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