7 Ways to Make your Nails Look Professional



We all know how to paint our nails but it doesn’t necessarily always look as good as it could. We can all unscrew the cap and apply the coat but it doesn’t look professional afterwards. There are ways to make your color look salon professional without spending the same amount of cash. If you like to spice up your style you may need to spend a little more time getting the paint job right so that you can perfect your polishing technique. Beauty experts have recommended the 7 following techniques in order to perfect your nails.






1. Clean up the Look

It’s very important that you begin with a clean slate. You will want to soak a cotton bail into some polish remover. Make sure that all of your old polish is off and any yellow residue before you applies a new coat. If you leave any old polish fragmentations this can affect your new paint job

2. Scrub the Nails

Make sure that you soap up and scrub your nails so that you can get them really clean. Scrub the undersides as well to get rid of some dirt that tends to stagnate inside of nail beds and in cuticles. If there is dirt laying around this will remain under the color coat which might get in the way of your application.

3. Apply a Base Coat

A great way to keep your polish on is making sure that you always apply a base coat. This is an essential when it comes to polish. It is going to prime the surface of your nails and it will also prevent any annoying staining from happening. You will want to shake the base coat to ensure that the chemicals haven’t separated within the bottle. Afterwards carefully apply it to your nails which you have thoroughly cleaned.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE