7 Ways to Make your Nails Stronger


5. Use Bees Wax

This method is a bit more difficult because it’s harder to get your hands on beeswax. You can find at but you’re going to have to melt down a few grams of it and then mix it into the yolk of a boiled egg. Add peach oil into this and then apply the mixture onto your fingernails until the yolk runs out.


6. Water

Did you know that drinking a significant amount of water is a fantastic way to strengthen your nails? If they are dull or weak it may be a sign that you are not hydrated enough. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and you will notice that your nails are becoming strong.

7. Nutrients
Your nails, like anything else, need vitamins in order to grow long and strong. Your nails need Vitamin D and calcium to look beautiful. Take your multivitamins and drink plenty of milk.