7 Ways to Match your Hair and Skin



Women tend to forget about the importance of hair color matching their complex. They have to complement each other in order to bring out your best features. Matching hair color and skin tone should be a top priority in order to obtain a more natural look to accent your best features. This is going to enhance your natural beauty.

1. Recognize your Skin Tone

The best way to match your hair with your skin is recognizing it. Do you know the type of foundation color you use and does it look natural when you wear it on your skin? Whether you have a cool tone or a warm tone, the color in your hair should be complimentary towards them to achieve a balanced and healthy look.

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2. Find the Right Colors

After you have outlined your skin tone then you can move on and figure out which colors work best. For hair colors that are icy and ashy, it looks best on women who have cool skin tones. For bronze and gold colors it looks best on women who have warmer skin undertones. Brunettes can go blond and blondes can go brunette regardless of the type of complex they have as long as the color blends in with their skin.

3. Virtual Makeover

The best way to test out a look without regretting it is by doing a virtual makeover on you. You can match the two tones by going virtual and seeing whether or not you like the change. This is the best way to test it out without ruining your hair.

Hair and Skin
Hair and Skin


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4. Talk to a Professional

Speaking with a professional hair stylist is the best way to go about matching a color with your skin tone. They are experienced and making sure that a client looks their best and they can see what look is going to go best on you. This is the best way to figure out whether or not a drastic change is a good change for you.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE