7 Ways to Perfect the French Tip



3. Soften It

Taking care of your cuticles is just as important as taking care of your nail bed. When you are applying cuticle oil it is softening the rough spots on your nail. Press the stick onto the cuticles. Avoid cutting them at home unless a professional is doing it for you. Olive oil also works well as a cuticle softener.

4. Choose the Right Color

The best characteristic of the French manicure is the two town concept. The body of your nail is going to be natural and the tip of it will have a white polish applied. There are plenty of packs already sold with all of the tools that you need but those are also limited on the color choices. Find a personal color preference and have fun with it.

5. Always Apply a Base

Make sure that you apply a base strength coat before you put the color on. This is one of the most important techniques in perfecting the French manicure because it is going to keep the nails from breaking and from discoloring. This is also going to help you in creating an even base coat.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE