7 Ways to Plump up Your Thin Lips


It is unfortunate that not every woman is blessed with full lips, and this is why it is a good idea to use some techniques to make them look fuller. When doing this, you should never use fillers or other invasive treatments, even if you have the money to do that. The reason is that, in addition to the need to repeat it, something can go wrong with the method, and also needs repeating.

These are some of the quick, simple and harmless techniques you can use to plump up your thin lips.


 1. Lip Plumper

To easily plump up your thin lips, you should use a product designed for it, and many brands are available today, and of course, affordable. First, you should try some of the brands, after which you would know the one which would meet your needs. To irritate the skin and make it to swell up, lip plumpers are often used, though you should not use the ones which make the lips to sting too much.

2. Outline

By drawing outside your lip line, you can make your lips to look fuller, though done carefully. With the lip pencil, you should draw outside the natural lip line, thus giving you more fullness without disfiguring your look.

3. Stinging

Your lips can look fuller if you use lip balm or gloss containing menthol, and though temporary results would be provided, those results still last longer than when using lip fillers. Another thing you could do is to mix a tiny amount of cinnamon oil with gloss or balm. This should be used with care because the highly concentrated oil can burn your skin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE