7 Ways to Repair Damaged Hair



Most women suffer from dealing with damaged hair due to either being stressed out, heat damage or damage from too much salon visits and hair color. There are plenty of ways to get your hair back on track by incorporating some things into the way that you style it and take care of it. You can put moisture and health back into it by using the following tips and tricks.6 Steps for doing sock curls without heat

1. Avoid Hot Tools

Many girls are addicted to using their hair irons and curlers everyday to obtain a desired look. One of the most important things you can do while repairing your hair is by avoiding these tools. Start letting your hair air dry instead of blow drying it or try straightening shampoo. If you want a wavy look don’t use a wave tool, braid your hair at night before you go to bed while it is still wet. When you do that it should be dry by the morning time and you will have the desired style. Avoid heat and try natural styling.

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2. Obtain Moisture

After you begin to lay off of the heat tools you can add some moisture into your hair by using the right products. You can even create your own moisture products at home with mayonnaise, olive oil and eggs. These at home methods are a great way to avoid the costly products and get natural oils from natural ingredients. You can also try out Argan oil which is a popular product for people who tend to suffer from dry and brittle hair.

3. Wash Less

There are some women who tend to believe that they need to wash their hair everyday because of how oily it gets. That isn’t necessarily true. If you suffer from oily hair then it’s likely that you do not have dry hair. Your problem could be that you are washing it too often and stripping it off its natural oils Make sure that you wash it less to keep natures oil in it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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